tax planning and compliance

Tax Planning & Compliance

Tax planning and filing can be an intimidating and overwhelming process. At Brink & Associates, we work with our customers from start to finish to ensure their taxation needs are met in an accurate and timely fashion. As one of our core competencies, we have the resources and expertise to mitigate tax burdens and help improve your bottom line. Brink & Associates can assist with tax preparation for:

• Federal, State & Local
• Individuals
• Businesses

financial statements

Financial Statements

Accurate and professionally prepared financial statements are vital to the success of any business or organization and we will help you maximize your performance and properly manage funds. Whether you need financial statements to deliver to third parties or just to present to your board of directors, Brink & Associates can assist in:

• Internal Management Reports
• Compiled Financial Statements
• Reviewed Financial Statements



Brink & Associates offers payroll services that are tailored to your business or organization. Let our payroll experts relieve the burden of cumbersome payroll duties and ensure that your payroll and payroll filing is done efficiently, accurately and timely. Let us manage your payroll so you can manage your business. Brink & Associates can assist in:

• Direct Deposit
• Physical Check Preparation
• Payroll Forms and Reports
• Payroll Tax Compliance

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